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Solid Points Haul at Sunny Snetterton

Image of Bryce Aron crossing the finish line at Snetterton in the Hitech GP number 4 car
Photo by Jakob Ebrey

Hello everybody it’s Bryce again with another race weekend recap! This past weekend we were at Snetterton Circuit in Norwich England. I’ve been to Snetterton a lot in the past for preseason testing and I must say we were very lucky this weekend. The circuit itself is known for its, how shall I say it….inhospitable weather but this weekend we had sunny skies and warm weather. Now here’s a more in depth look at the circuit.

A lap around Snetterton:

Snetterton features a pretty high speed venue. Turn 1 is 6th gear and if the wind is just right, it can be done fully flat. Turn 2 is a tight hairpin where getting an exit is crucial. Turn 3 is a medium speed long left which is just a lift in 4th gear. After turn 3 you approach Turn 4, another low speed hairpin with an emphasis on a good exit. Turn 5, known as Hamilton, is a 5th gear corner with a slight lift. It is extremely quick and narrow so precision is key in order to unlock lap time but also not make a costly mistake. Turn 6 is another low speed corner that leads into T7, a right hand corner, one of the most important corners of the track as it leads down the back straight. Next up is the “S” under Snetterton’s bridge into T11&T12, which has a massive emphasis on late braking. On many laps you will get sideways as you are trying to brake and turn at the same time. Now into the final section known as “Corum,” a never ending right hander which is full throttle and absolutely kills your neck muscles due to the high g-force. Now the final corner a quick left after Corum in which a good exit is needed for a final run onto the start/finish line.

Our races saw us fight some chassis induced issues but we fought back to collect good points. The theme of the weekend were very good opening laps. Race 1 of the weekend saw us gain 4 places. Race 2 saw a great start, in fact the best I think I’ve had in British F3 and another 2 positions gained. Race 3 saw another 2 positions gained bringing a 6th place result home. Next round is July 24th at the infamous Spa Francorchamps in Belgium. Due to our struggles our team has elected to give me a brand new chassis and engine for the next race. I’m excited to see what we achieve on new equipment.

Image of Bryce Aron and his engineer Paul moving the car to the grid
Photo by Jakob Ebrey


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