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Aron in the Carlin #23

Photo Credit: Jakob Ebrey

The 2021 Season in Review

Strong Finale at Donington

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

Bryce Aron in the rain  driving fast

Bryce’s season got off to a strong start.  Hailed as a stunning debut, Bryce came out of Round 1 with a 4th place finish and was 7th in the championship standings. As one of the least experienced drivers on the grid, Bryce had a fastest lap to his credit during the race weekend. Bryce moved forward in every race, gaining 4 positions in the last race and battling for 3rd place.

2021 was a year of great learning as the jump from Formula Ford was a large one. Bryce was challenged on many occasions, but never gave up. The leap into the high downforce Formula 3 car resulted in being over 30 seconds a lap quicker. Bryce’s progress was noted during Round 2 at Silverstone “That’s Bryce Aron... having come out of Formula Ford 1600 racing, straight into Formula 3, that’s a big jump but he’s handling it well, it must be said.” -GB3 announcer

Bryce Aron is a man on a mission…. That’s Bryce Aron, the new fastest lap of the race to the American. This is for third place now, Patterson under attack by the American.”  -GB3  announcer

Bryce’s season ended on a strong note, as Bryce charged forward in Race 1 + 2 at Donington, with two 6th place finishes. During race 1 Bryce made up 6 positions to finish in 6th place. During race two, In treacherous conditions with low visibility, Bryce made up 7 positions to finish in 6th place.  

Bryce Aron Driving in the Rain Rear Wing

“Bryce Aron up another two positions on that lap. He is absolutely flying…. He is looking strong now towards the end of the year… Up another spot now into 7th place. He was 13th on the grid, and he's up to 7th now. That is a remarkable recovery drive really.”  - GB3 announcer

Round 6 Silverstone August 12-15

Two Top 10 Finishes

Changing conditions led to a tricky qualifying session. Bryce started on slick tires as it had just begun to sprinkle at the beginning of qualifying. On lap 3, Bryce’s tires started to come in and he jumped to P5. The rain continued and began to get heavier. Some of the field came in to switch to wet tires. Bryce stayed out on his slicks and continued to improve his time. The team called the drivers in to pit on lap 4, with over eight minutes remaining. Bryce and one of his teammates came in. Bryce spent four minutes in the pits and came out on wet tires. During the pit stop the rain had tapered off, the track was drying and many of those who stayed on slicks benefitted. After the outlap Bryce only had two laps to find pace. Bryce did his fast lap on his last lap, lap 7 on wet tires. 


Bryce started Race 1 in P13. After losing some positions on the start, Bryce quickly made dramatic passes to move into 10th place. Generally considered one of the most difficult sectors of the course, Bryce held it around the outside at Maggots and Becketts to gain three positions.


Then going into Stowe with a well executed fake, Bryce overtook a driver for another place. As Bryce steamrolled forward, he was nearly collected when 3 drivers collided. Bryce’s quick reaction allowed him to escape, though survival would mean the loss of his hard fought positions. Bryce ended race 1 in P10. Bryce started race 2 in p10. On the last lap of the race Bryce passed around the outside at Brooklands to gain a position.


Due to the 103% rule the starting grid for race 3 was more like a normal grid. Bryce started Race 3 in P2. One of the drivers jumped the start and Bryce fell back to 4th place.  Bryce spent the majority of the race in P4, defending his position while looking for opportunities to overtake. Bryce was holding position when he caught too much curb and went off the track, causing him to lose several positions. Bryce was able to regain some of the positions and finished the race in P7. 

Slicks in the wet at Silverstone

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

Silverstone Round 6
Bryce Aron at Snetterton GB3 2021

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

Round 5 Snetterton August 6-8

Fast in the Wet and 6th Place Finish

Changing conditions made for an unusual qualifying session.  The field started on rain tires on a damp track. After three laps heavy rain started to come down. Bryce showed great pace in the rain. The grid for race 1 is determined by the first fastest lap times. This was set during lap 3 (on the damp track). An off in turn 1 impacted Bryce’s damp time. The second fastest lap time, which was in the wet, set the grid for race 2. Bryce’s great pace in the heavy rain meant he would qualify P6 for the second race. The third race of the weekend is a reverse grid, meaning the slowest driver starts 1st. Bryce started race 3 in P12. 


Bryce began race 1 in P11, ahead of his teammate who is currently second in the championship. The race took place on a mostly dry track with all of the drivers starting on slicks. Bryce’s starting position had him in one of the few places on the grid that was wet which caused wheel spin and led to difficulty getting off the line. As a result, Bryce fell to the tail of the pack. Always determined, Bryce fought back moving from 17th up to 11th place and was the 7th fastest driver.

Bryce finished race 2 in 6th place. Bryce lined up on the grid next to his teammate who is leading the series. Bryce was the only competitor up front to start on a half set of new tires with everyone else being on a full set of new tires. Bryce got off the line well and attempted an aggressive pass in turn 1 around the outside. Throughout the race, Bryce did an excellent job defending his position against a championship contender.

The reverse grid race saw Bryce starting in 12th place. An incident on the last lap but caused Bryce to lose position and he crossed the finish line in 13th place.

Bryce heads to Silverstone for Round 6 of the championship this weekend, August 12-15.

“A battle for sixth saw Carlin’s Bryce Aron claim the position, having held off the advances of Aryton Simmons for much of the second half of the race. The American finished half a second clear of the Chris Dittman Racing driver.” -  GB3 Race 2 Report

Bryce Aron Leading the Race
Bryce Aron Racing Around the Outside
Snetterton Round 5

Spa Francorchamps July 23-25

Bryce Aron Top 10 Finish and Quick in the Wet.

Bryce Aron at Spa Francorchamps British F3

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

The legendary Spa Francorchamps circuit was the home for Round 4 of the British F3 Championship. The format of the weekend verged from the established routine of the previous rounds. With no previous experience Bryce arrived at Spa on Thursday night. British F3 had 3 practice sessions on Friday followed by qualifying immediately on Friday night.

Bryce Aron at Spa Francorchamps Racing in the Rain

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

Bryce started qualifying in the top 5 and remained consistently in the top 6 until the final moments of the session. Some teams opted to put on a second set of new tires during qualifying. This is a strategic decision as it creates an advantage during qualifying but may be a disadvantage later during the races, if conditions remain dry. Teams are only permitted 2 sets of new slick tires for the weekend. Bryce remained in the top 10 and would start races 1 + 2 in 9th position. The reverse grid race would see Bryce starting in 7th. 

Race 1 + 2 took place on Saturday. The morning brought with it heavy rain and treacherous conditions. During the start it was impossible to see.  Beyond the rain there was a great amount of water on the track which created heavy spray. Drivers had to rely on their track knowledge, which was minimal for Bryce who had not previously visited the track. Despite a tough start with low visibility Bryce stayed in the race, and was one of the fastest drivers throughout the race. On the final lap Bryce made a beautiful pass around the outside for 10th place on a championship contender. 

Race 2 took place Saturday evening. The track had completely dried and the conditions were extremely different from the morning racer. Bryce was on a full set of used tires as the team was saving tires for the reverse grid race. Bryce finished Race 2 in 11th place. 


The reverse grid race took place Sunday morning. Bryce had a great start and got off the line quickly but a racing incident with another driver cost Bryce his front wing. Bryce had to return to pit lane to get a new wing which put him over a minute behind the field. Due to the quick Carlin crew, Bryce managed to stay on the lead lap. Despite some suspension damage Bryce was able to complete the race and finished in P14. Though Bryce was disappointed he said “Spa took my wing but it didn't take my spirit. I will be back next time, stronger.”

Bryce Aron Racing at Spa Francorchamps

Photo Credit Jakob Ebrey

Spa Francorchamps

Round 3 at Donington July 10-11

Bryce Aron 4th Place Finish , 4th Fastest Lap!  Top 10 in the Championship Standings in a Stacked Field.

British F3 is an incredibly competitive series. Bryce is one of only two drivers without experience in slicks and wings cars, with the rest of the field having 1-3 years of experience in this type of car and on these race circuits. The top 12 in qualifying are separated by only a second. To be within that window given Bryce’s relative lack of experience bodes well for the long-term. 

Bryce began the race weekend with testing on Thursday and Friday at the Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit. Testing started out strong with Bryce being in the top 6. Bryce went into qualifying on Saturday in a good mindset and was in the top 3 and well inside of the top 10 for the majority of qualifying. The last few minutes of qualifying had Bryce in P12.

For those unfamiliar with European racing the drivers start races from a standing position rather than the rolling starts we are used to seeing in America. At the beginning of the race drivers get into their grid position and are given a green flag lap to warm-up the tires. The drivers return to their grid position after the green flag lap. Once everyone is in position race control puts out a 10 second board, then a 5 second board, the lights come on and when the lights go out the race begins. Moving prior to the lights going out is considered a jump start. 


The start of Race 1 was unusual in that the 5 second board stayed out longer than typical.  Bryce noticed some of the drivers rolling before the start. Prior to the lights going out one of the drivers jumped the start. Believing it would be deemed a false start, Bryce pushed his clutch in. No sooner had he done that, the lights went out and the field departed. Bryce finished race 1 in P13.


Race 2 went better with Bryce starting in P12 and progressing forward later in the race, beginning to show pace after getting in front of a slower driver. Bryce finished just outside of the top 10 in P11. 


Bryce had his best race of the weekend in race 3. Bryce started race 3 in P6 on a half set of new tires. Bryce finished Race 3 in 4th place with the 4th fastest lap demonstrating that he has the pace to compete at the front of the field. Bryce moved up to 10th Place in the championship standings. The next round in Belgium at Spa Francorchamps, July 23-25.  

Bryce Aron picture
Car at Donington
Bryce in Helmet

Round 2 at Silverstone June26-27  

Bryce and the Carlin Crew Looking Good in MPEC|NAPA Hats.

Bryce Aron at Silverstone 2021

Bryce began the race weekend with testing on Thursday and Friday at the iconic Silverstone Circuit. Bryce started race 1 in P13, after a tough qualifying session, and immediately began battling with a championship contender. The driver tried to force Bryce off the track but Bryce held his ground and then prevailed with a bold move around the outside at Maggots and Beckets. During the race Bryce out performed his own qualifying lap and demonstrated a consistent race pace that was in keeping with the front runners. Bryce finished Race 1 in 9th place.

Race 2

The second race of round 2 at Silverstone brought with it a change in conditions. Heavy mist, high wind and cooler temperatures contributed to a slick track. With all cars on the grid in place Bryce began race 2 in P11 and initially fell back. Bryce made a great pass going three wide up the inside of Patterson and Alverez putting himself into 10th place.

Bryce Battling During Race 1 Photo by Jakob Ebrey

Clearly in 10th place, Bryce appeared poised to charge forward when Patterson, who had run wide, skipped the curb, re-entered the track and turned into Bryce. The collision cost Bryce 2 places as it created the opportunity for 2 cars to get by. Bryce's rear right tire was damaged from the contact and deemed unusable by Perilli for the third race. Bryce was able to continue Race 2 and finished the race in 11th place. 

Race 3

Bryce began the race in P5 and was the only driver up front to start the race on a full set of used tires, with the other drivers starting on full or partial sets of new tires. Bryce had a great start, immediately moving into 3rd place and holding tight to the 2 cars in front of him, looking for an opportunity to capitalize. The driver behind Bryce, on a half set of new tires, had good pace initially which placed Bryce under some pressure.Undoubtedly feeling the pressure from behind, Bryce looked to make an early aggressive move.

Beautiful Pass by Bryce Aron

Race 2: Bryce Clearly  in 10th Place after a Beautiful Pass

Aron at Silverstone

“Simmons took the lead from Marzorati into Brooklands, as Bryce Aron looked to capitalise. But the American driver ran out of track on the exit of Luffield, losing his front wing as he ran through the gravel.” - The Chequered Flag

Bryce returned to the pits and the team quickly replaced his front wing. Due to the excellent work of Bryce’s Carlin crew, Bryce was able to get back on track while remaining on the lead lap to finish out the race. “Aron was able to replace his front wing with the field neutralised [by a safety car], and quickly worked to move up the field once the green flag flew for the final few laps”. - The Chequered Flag

After the marshall’s review, Bryce’s contact  disqualified him from race 3. Though the results were not what Bryce had hoped for he learned many valuable lessons and is eager to get back on track for Round 3 at Donington July 8-11.

Bryce Aron MPEC|NAPA Carlin_F3-team-

Fantastic Debut for Bryce Aron in BRDC Formula 3 at Brands Hatch

Aron At Brands Hatch goes Purple

Bryce had a fantastic opening round in the BRDC F3 Championship Series. Bryce finished 10th, 9th and 4th in a field of 19 cars.  


With the high downforce/ high aero F3 cars it is very difficult to pass on a track like the Brands Hatch GP Circuit. Bryce moved up 2 places finishing race 1 in 10th place. During Race 2 Bryce started in 11th (due to a penalty to another driver in race 1) and was able to move forward to a 9th place finish.  Race 3 Bryce started in 8th position and made some bold moves, passing on the outside of turn 3 Graham Hill Bend, going over the curbing and touching the grass at the exit and a daring high speed 115 mph pass around the outside at Hawthorn turn 5 to finish just off the podium in 4th place.

“Bryce Aron (Carlin) took fourth from Grundtvig. Carlin’s American driver set the fastest lap of the race with a 1:21.933 on Lap 7,...Aron was a man on a mission, looking this way and that to move past Patterson for third place,... with two laps remaining.”  The Chequered Flag

“Aron … (was) surging through the field; he started eighth and was sixth on the first lap. He gained another place on lap three and then passed Mikkel Grundtvig for fourth on lap seven. He then immediately closed on Patterson but was unable to progress onto the podium, finishing just two tenths shy, and the first car in a train behind the Scotsman.”-  BRDC F3

Round two gets underway at Silverstone 26th-27th June.

Bryce rounded up his first British F3 race weekend, “I’m really happy with how we’ve progressed – I want to say thanks to the team and my engineer Jimmy and Phil at EDGE for everything we’ve done this weekend. I was able to make positions around the outside where I could. Unfortunately, we just missed out on the podium, but I’m still so pleased with the result.”

Photo Credit: Jakob Ebrey

Bryce in Motorsport News

Bryce recently Featured in motorsport news

GB3 Logo

Carlin’s Bryce Aron has made the big jump from national level Formula Ford into BRDC British F3 this year, and is already well on the pace.


The 17-year-old is next up in our getting to know you feature series, where he reveals how he’s been around cars his whole life, winning the Team USA Scholarship and flat sharing with a mechanic!


Over to Bryce…


Where is your hometown and can you tell us anything interesting about where you’re from?
My hometown is Winnetka Illinois, a suburb about 25 minutes North of Chicago, IL USA.


Will you be travelling from your home country to race in British F3 or have you moved to live in the UK? If so, where in the UK will you be living?
I actually moved to the UK for this season and am living in a flat with one of the mechanics on Carlin’s British F3 team, Richard Legge, who is my teammate Zak’s lead mechanic. Our flat itself is in Farnham, just 10 minutes away from the Carlin factory. I will be overseas here in the UK for the majority of the season.



How did you first become interested in motorsport?
My family’s business is a car dealership in the States so I have always been around cars my entire life. I remember from a very young age playing around with cars and always wanting to be behind a wheel. I actually dragged my family into racing which was a very hard sell but here we are now! 

Who has been your biggest career influence so far?
My mother Alyson. If it wasn’t for her I’m not sure I would be in Motorsport.  I always wanted to race but thanks to her, I was able to. She’s always pushed me to be a better version of myself and has always supported my dreams. 


Tell us about your career so far and how it has got you to this position in British F3 now?
After a few years of national karting in the States, I moved into F1600 at 15 for my first year in cars where I finished third. Last year I also lived in the UK, but with Cliff and Michelle Dempsey, and competed in British Formula Fords. At the end of the year I managed to win the Team USA Scholarship and compete at the Formula Ford Festival and Walter Hayes trophy where I finished third. The scholarship itself has previously been won by Josef Newgarden, Jimmy Vasser, and Conor Daly. It’s definitely one of the highlights of my career and it was an honour representing the programme. This year I decided to move into British F3 as it seemed like the hardest championship I could do in my first year in a slicks and wings car. 

Which circuit are you most looking forward to racing on?
I’m ecstatic to be going to Spa, Silverstone, and Brands this year as they all look amazing to drive and have such great histories. 


What is your aim for the 2021 British F3 season?
I would say to learn as much as possible throughout the season and just to improve myself as much as I can during the year. A top five in the championship would be great but I am looking forward to making myself a better driver as I learn slicks and wings racing. 


What is your biggest hidden talent?
I believe my car control, once I get adapted to a certain car. Also, maybe not necessarily a talent, but my work ethic off the track is something I am very proud of. I have committed my life to racing so I really try to improve myself as much as I can off of the track. 


What are your ultimate career ambitions?
To compete at the top echelons of Motorsport in Formula 1, IndyCar, or WEC. 

BF3 Interview


Bryce Aron and Trevor Carlin


FEBRUARY 5, 2021

Carlin is pleased to confirm that 2020 Team U.S.A. Scholarship winner, Bryce Aron will complete the team’s BRDC British Formula Three line-up for the 2021 season.

The 17-year-old American joins Carlin after being the first driver in Team USA’s 30-year history to finish with a podium and a top five in the two iconic Formula Ford events – the Walter Hayes Trophy and Formula Ford Festival.

Aron made his racing debut in the UK this past year following a successful 2019 F1600 Championship campaign which saw him finish third overall with eight podiums in total.  Despite the restrictions COVID-19 placed on the 2020 season, the Team USA Scholarship winner nevertheless achieved 12 podiums while racing in the U.K.  

Aron said of the upcoming season, “I’m massively excited for the season ahead and this next chapter in my career.  2020 was a big year for me, not only as a driver but also as a person living so far away from home for the first time.  I had the opportunity to test the F3 car at the end of last year and was blown away by the power and the grip the car has, it’s certainly a big step up from the Formula Ford car I had been driving previously.

“No doubt 2021 will be a steep learning curve for me but I’m so excited to be joining Carlin, a team with such a strong history in F3 and the junior formulas.  To be following in the footsteps of so many incredible drivers that have come through the team feels really exciting.”

Trevor Carlin added, “We are pleased to welcome Bryce to the Carlin family for the upcoming British Formula 3 season and look forward to working with him closely this year and watching him develop in this highly competitive championship at some great British circuits. British F3 is a fantastic proving ground for young talent and Bryce will benefit from plenty of test and race mileage in this important learning year.  He has a really mature attitude and the team have been really impressed with his application so far. We look forward to working with him this year.”

Aron will be out on track with his previously announced Formula Three teammates Zak O’Sullivan and Christian Mansell, for pre-season testing before the opening race of the season at Brands Hatch from 21 – 23 May.

stunning podium Finish  for bryce at Walter Hayes  Trophy Final

Bryce had an impressive end of season performance finishing the Walter Hayes Trophy on the Podium in 3rd Place overall. Without previous experience racing on the Silverstone National Circuit, and despite ongoing treacherous and tricky conditions, Bryce accomplished a long time dream.  

The Walter Hayes Trophy is conducted through a weekend long knockout format. The field, originally consisting of 104 cars, was whittled down to the final grid of 36 cars. Bryce had progressed directly from his heat race to the semi-final. This was an accomplishment in and of itself as Bryce had been placed in what was most widely considered the most difficult heat. 

The two semi-finals were then combined with the top 18 drivers from each going  through to the final. Bryce had a great  start and quickly moved up two places prior to the deployment of a safety car. A good restart helped Bryce stay up front but a few laps later a red flag was thrown. Following the red flag the drivers had a standing restart for a 5 lap shootout.  Bryce crossed the finish line in a well earned 3rd place!

Bryce Aron Stunning Podium Finish At Walter Hayes on his 1st Try

Top 5 Finish for Bryce in Formula Ford Festival Final and 3rd Place in Semi-Final

Team USA Scholarship Winner

Racer Magazine Bryce Aron Team USA Winner
Formula Scout Team USA Bryce Aron
Bryce Aron Team USA Winner
Dreams of Indy Bryce Aron Team USA Scholarship Winner

It is a very exciting time for Bryce who was just announced as one of three 2020 Team USA Scholarship Winners! Bryce is honored to have been selected and looks forward to representing America in the upcoming races.

Interview on radio Le Mans Midweek Motorsport

Bryce Aron Interviewed on Radio Le Mans
Apple Podcast Logo
Midweek Motorsport.Logo

Thank you to Midweek Motorsport for having Bryce and Grant on the show! You can listen by clicking the helmet or go to Midweek Motorsport on Apple Podcasts. 

Bryce Aron picked as top 10 most promising driver for 2020 - motorsport news

Bryce Picked at Motorsport News 10 Most Promising Drivers

Bryce Featured in sheridan road magazine

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