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Quick Pace Formula Ford Festival Brands Hatch Kent, U.K

Bryce had a great time racing at Brands Hatch in the iconic Formula Ford Festival where he quickly adapted to racing in treacherous and constantly changing conditions. As the youngest and least experienced entrant Bryce was top 10 in pace in his qualifying session. Bryce was placed in the fastest heat for qualifying which also turned out to be the fastest heat for the heat race. Bryce was subsequently placed into the fastest semi-final. 


Bryce qualified 10th in the fastest heat. Despite having to pit, Bryce's fast lap was a 51.067. Comparatively, the same time would have put him top 5 in heat 1 and 8th in heat 3. Each heat had a race to determine which drivers would move through to the semi-finals. Bryce finished his heat race in 13th place and progressed through directly to the semi-finals. Of the 73 driver field the top 16 drivers from each of the three heat races were combined into two semi-finals. Bryce progressed directly to semi-final 1. Drivers who did not progress directly competed for 12 remaining spots in the semi-finals through a last chance qualifier.  

Bryce suffered a throttle mechanism failure on lap 1 of semi-final 1 which left him, through no fault of his own, in last place in the semi-final. During the race the car was repaired in the pits and Bryce was able to return to the track for the few remaining laps, during which time he had a fast lap of 51.3, (he was able to achieve that time in about 4 laps) this time would have put him as 7th fastest compared to semi-final 2. The semi-final races were conducted in very similar conditions.

The mechanical failure in lap 1 of the semi-final meant that Bryce had to start 28th place in the Last Chance Race (a 5 lap race) where only the top 6 would progress through to the final. In 5 laps Bryce moved up 17 positions from 28th to 11th, executing many precise passes along the way. Despite heavy lap traffic Bryce's fast lap of the Last Chance Race was 5th fastest in the race. Throughout the weekend Bryce demonstrated pace and race craft. 

Though the mechanical failure took Bryce out of contention, it is highly likely that Bryce would have moved straight to the final based on his pace. To have achieved this pace without the advantage of weeks of testing or years of driving British Formula Ford is a notable accomplishment as the cars and tires are very different from the American version. Bryce learned a lot and demonstrated that even in difficult circumstances he was able to stay focused and drive with speed and agility. Thank you to everyone at Oldfield Motorsport for their hard work and for making this journey possible.

Photo Courtesy of K-Hill Motorsports, LLC.

Formula Ford Festival, Brands Hatch Kent, U.K.

Bryce will be competing in the 2019 Formula Ford Festival October 26th-27th with Oldfield Motorsport based near Birmingham, U.K.  Bryce is excited for the opportunity to race with Oldfield Motorsport, the winning team of the 2018 Formula Ford Festival.

"The AIMSHOP.COM Formula Ford Festival is one of the world’s great single seater and motorsport contests and one of the most important and highly anticipated events in the BRSCC calendar.
After it was first run back at the end of the 1967 at Snetterton as an end of season thrash for all Formula Fords, the race moved to its spiritual home of Brands Hatch for the 1971 edition. Ever since then drivers from across the UK, Ireland, continental Europe and beyond have made the trip to Kent every October to fight for the chance to write their name into the history books.

The event begins with pre-drawn heats that all competitors take part in, before progressing to the semi-finals on Sunday, before a “last chance” race helps decide the final 30 car grid that will line up for the all-important Formula Ford Festival final. Over the years, the Festival has invigorated the careers of many top level drivers that have gone on to success such as Jenson Button, Mark Webber, Eddie Irvine, Anthony Davidson, Johnny Herbert, Jan Magnussen and more, whilst also providing a key stepping stone for the careers of world champions such as Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen and Kimi Raikkonen to name a few."

As the Festival approaches its 50th anniversary, it’s still one of the best motorsport spectacles in the world and an event that still attracts top level talent, both young and old from around the world. Every year, a new driver has the chance to write their name into history alongside the legends that have succeeded here, and the 2019 edition should be another memorable event." -BRSCC 

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FRP pro Series Finale at NJMP

2019 Final Pro Standings

3rd Place 1st year in cars

2019 Formula Race Promotions F1600 Final Standings

Bryce had a great transition to cars. As the youngest and least experienced driver in the pro series Bryce was a quick study, making the most of every opportunity. In one season Bryce went from keeping up with the lead pack to leading the pack. Bryce delivered consistent podium finishes which increased in number greatly by the end of the season. Bryce ended the United States Pro F1600 Series in 3rd place by a margin of almost 200 points over the next competitor. Thank you to everyone at K-Hill Motorsports for their outstanding driver development.


Bryce had a great weekend taking 3 podiums and achieving his highest series finish in the 2nd race. The third race ended in a photo finish. Bryce had passed for the lead during the later part of the last lap. It looked like Bryce was going to win down to the last millisecond. 

The battle filled weekend saw many exciting moments. Bryce led several laps and had many of the fastest laps. The lead pack raced nose to tail, going 3 wide through several turns. Bryce finished 3rd place in race 1 and 2nd place in race 2.  In the last race of the 2019 series the top 3 finishers crossed the line "nearly simultaneously." Bryce took 3rd place in this race by photo finish. 

Excerpt from FRP Race News, Race 3

"The top three crossed the line nearly simultaneously, 

Kotyk sits on pole, teammate Bryce Aron is on outside pole. Josh Green starts third, Alex Scaler is fourth, Burton August fifth, and Mike Scanlan lines up sixth. They head to the starters station looking rather orderly.

Fifteen laps remain, the race at the front is a pack five. Green still leads, Kotyk is second, Aron third, Scaler fourth, and August is doing a good job of hanging on to the pack. 

The leaders cross the start line, there are ten laps to go. Not much has changed at the front, the top four hold their spots from the previous order. Burton August has lost touch with the lead four, he runs safely in fifth but won’t be a factor in the race for the win. Charles Anti is a distant sixth, and Charles Finelli has managed to secure his seventh place spot.

At the front, Green still leads, but Aron takes over second from Kotyk. Scaler is in third but trails a tad off the top three. Two laps to run, Green still leads Aron, then Kotyk. Scaler is out of the picture but solidly in fourth. Then it’s August, Anti, and Finelli filling out fifth through seventh. 

The leaders come to the start line, the white flag is waving. There’s no change in order for the moment, but they are looking eager. Aron hounds Green, on the back half of the course they go side by side. Aron gets it done! Just a few more turns left, Aron leads to the start finish line, the top three bunch and then fan out as they head to the line. Green, Aron, and Kotyk are three wide at the line, this race will be called on photo finish!"

- FRP News 

FRP pro Series Summit Point

Fastest Lap at Summit Point + 2 Podiums

FRP Summit Point

Bryce had a great weekend taking 2 podiums and setting a near track record with the fastest lap at Summit Point since 2013!

The battle filled weekend saw many exciting moments. Bryce led several laps and remained in the lead pack all weekend. The lead pack raced nose to tail, going 3 wide through several turns. Bryce finished 3rd place in race 1. Race 2 ended in a drag race to the finish line. Race monitor showed Bryce finishing in 2nd place, race officials determined that Bryce finished in 3rd. Race 3 saw Bryce in the lead at several points. Bryce had strategically set up the third race and was in the perfect position to capitalize. Unfortunately competitor error forced Bryce to take evasive action which cost him the win. Bryce ended race three in 4th place by 0.034.

Podium celebrations and interview from Races 1 and 2.

FRP pro Series VIR

Podium finish + Up Front All Weekend 

The FRP Pro Series at VIR saw a return to the podium for Bryce. The Weekend was full of battles between the front runners with Bryce leading many laps in most of the races. Bryce had several purple laps throughout the weekend. 

During Race 10 Bryce started in 3rd place and moved to 1st place. Due to an unfortunate racing incident Bryce finished race 10 in 6th place. 

The aftermath of race 10 left Bryce starting race 11 in 7th place. Not to worry, Bryce had a great start and was in 3rd place by the 2nd lap.  However, during the opening lap of race 11 a competitor got loose in a corner which checked up the field and created ample opportunity for the drivers in position one and two to get away. Bryce worked with a fellow competitor creating a gap from the rest of the field and trying to catch the front two. As time ran out Bryce took the draft and moved into 3rd but the the other driver had power on the straight and they raced to the line. Bryce took 4th place by the narrowest of margins in what would seem to be a photo finish (0.023) seconds (though no photo review was conducted). 

Bryce qualified P3 for race 12. The last race of the weekend was fun to watch as the top 4 drivers cycled through the top 4 positions. We saw Bryce in the lead quite a few times, it appeared that the four drivers worked together, gapping the field and cycling positions. With 4 laps to go we knew the last laps would be an intense battle. It was down to the wire and Bryce finished in 3rd place.

1st Place


50th Anniversary race

Bryce took 1st place in the RCFFS 50th anniversary race this past weekend. Having just completed the FRP weekend Bryce had been invited to participate in the 50th anniversary race.  Because of the last minute race entry Bryce had to start last, behind 25 cars. The only rookie on the grid we watched Bryce go from 26 to 11th in 3 laps. By lap 7 Bryce had moved up to 4th place. During lap 10 Bryce caught up to the leaders, both were seasoned drivers who also competed in the FRP race weekend. During lap 12 Bryce moved into 1st place where he remained for the remainder of the race. Bryce was the fastest car throughout the race and set the fastest lap of the race on lap 16.

Wherever Bryce’s career in racing takes him, we know that he will remember this welcoming and inclusive group of drivers. Thank you RCFFS for inviting Bryce to participate! 

FRP pro Series Mid-ohio

Podium finish + purple laps

The FRP Pro Series in Mid-Ohio saw a return to the podium for Bryce who ended race 9 in 3rd Place. The Weekend was full of battles between the front runners. Bryce had many fast laps and turned several purple laps throughout the weekend. During race 9 Bryce had moved up tp P2 early in the race and battled heavily throughout the entire race finishing in 3rd place.