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GB 3 Round 1: Oulton Park

April 16-18

Bryce Aron racing image from Oulton Parkl
Bryce Aron Racing GB3 at Oulton Park

Mechanical failure during qualifying turned Round 1 into a salvage mission for Bryce. The electrical failure, which prevented Bryce from being able to switch gears, occurred in the midst of Bryce’s first qualifying push lap. As a result, Bryce was never able to take a qualifying lap and the car was retired from the qualifying session.

The team worked hard to repair the issue however with no ability to qualify, Bryce was forced to start at the back of the grid for all three races. Oulton Park Circuit is a notoriously difficult track to pass on. The new more powerful GB3 car with twenty five percent more downforce produces more turbulent air. Turbulence creates understeer, meaning that when you approach the car you are trying to pass, the car won't respond to steering input.

Bryce Aron Racing GB3 with Hitech GP
Bryce Aron Racing Round 1 GB3

Moving one position forward would be considered an accomplishment, 2 positions very good… 9 positions in one race - noteworthy. In race one Bryce moved from 21st to 12th. Race two - 20th to 15th and race three 21st to 17th. Bryce moved 18 positions over the course of the 3 race weekend, making him the biggest forward mover of the entire round. Bryce's progress was achieved without the benefit of wet conditions or any restarts. Bryce remained positive and focused on moving forward. There were many exciting battles along the way. Bryce is looking forward to the next round at Silverstone May 6-8.

Photos by Jakob Ebrey


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